If a crime is occuring now, please dial 9-1-1

 Reporting A Crime

911 Emergency Bluelight Phone - Emergency blue light telephones provide direct access to UAPD. Blue lights mark their locations. Use these phones to contact the police department for any reason. The emergency telephones are illuminated by a blue light and marked "EMERGENCY."


88-CRIME - The University of Arizona Police Department works closely with 88-Crime. If you have information about a crime that has occurred and your information leads to the arrest and indictment of a suspect in a case, you may be eligible for a cash reward. All 88-Crime calls are received anonymously.


Tips Line  - 621-TIPS (8477)   UAPD encourages the immediate reporting of all crimes on campus by calling 9-1-1 or use of the emergency blue light telephones, the "TIP Line" is another means for information and concerns to be relayed to the Police Department. It is important for us to know what occurs on this campus that affects the safety and tranquility of The University of Arizona.  Calls can be made anonymously.  This number is not intended to be used to report crimes in progress or immediate police response.


UAPD Whistle Stop Program - UAPD in conjunction with ASUA and the UA Parent's Association have begun distributing a combination whistle, light and key chain. The program is intended to give people another method of drawing attention in the event of an emergency. If you feel threatened or see someone else who needs immediate help, or if you are injured and need to summon help, and you cannot call for help via a cell phone or regular phone, blow the whistle.


If you hear a whistle, please call 9-1-1 and report that you are hearing a whistle being blown, and the location from where the sound is coming.

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